The customs of Syrian weddings

Syria, a country in the middle east, is renowned for its extravagant way of life and incredible traditions that have persisted in modern times. One of those customs is the syrian wedding, a spectacular event with many wholly original rituals that carries the weight of numerous dreams woven by the bride and groom for their special occasion.

While most Syrian couples today follow a more Western-inspired wedding ceremony, some still hold on to their grandparents’ customs. An arada band director from the Old syrian wives City of Damascus, a grandmother from the Jaramana neighborhood in the mixed town of Salamiyah and a teacher from the Idlib district tell Syria Today that their families still practice some of these traditional marriage ceremonies.

Syrian guys had show interest in a female to her household before asking for her hand in marriage, just like in other faiths. If accepted, the male and his relatives are required to give her home the dowry, a sizeable sum of money.

The bride and her home will wait at her house for a consultant from her husband’s family to arrive when it is time to get married. The associates will then escort the wife and her home to their new residence, where meals, drinks, and puddings will be served to them. The yalam, a traditional Assyrian Chaldean Syrian performance tone, may then start to be danced by guests.

Usually, a woman leads the yalam while two other women alternately dance. The newlyweds did been escorted up to their auto at the end of the evening and sent off with a song, applause, and honking.


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